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$20,000 Footy Tipping

Don't miss out one of the LARGEST FOOTY TIPPING COMPS in Melbourne.

More information call 8353 1052 or come into the venue.

$7,000 for 1st Prize

$2,500 for 2nd Prize

$1,250 for 3rd Prize

$400 for 2nd Last 

$250 for Last place


Sanctuary Lakes Hotel Footy Tipping 2020

Covid-19 / Coronavirus Announcement


With the uncertainty surrounding the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we are making this announcement to inform you that the terms of the footy tipping competition may change due to the impact, if any, of the virus.

It is within the rules of our competition that allow us to make any changes deemed necessary, including the complete cancellation of the competition.

The aim is to ensure everyone equal opportunity to enter and or win the competitions.

As it currently stands, we allow 5 email entries per member for the season. Simply by sending your tips and knockout selection to This may be adjusted during the year.

We are not being alarmist and sincerely hope that there is no impact on the season, our tipping competition or upon our everyday way of life, but in the interest of fairness, we need to inform you of these possibilities.